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Script Development

A great script is the heart and soul of a great film. No amount of production budget, star power or special effects can ever alter this fact. And among veteran screenwriters, directors and producers, it is a well known fact that a world class script takes a significant amount of time to develop. This is not surprising as a writer has to craft strong or intriguing characters that are believable and that viewers identify with. He or she has to make sure that the plots and subplots are enticing and that the main themes and ideas being explored in the film are well supported. And in this age where the audience has seen and heard it all, the writer has to make sure that the story and the characters are not common and boring. In the light of these facts, we at MRF have assembled an experienced team of story developers and screenwriters who are highly capable of nurturing stories and scripts into something that has the potential to become the heart and soul of a world class film. And in a region where script analysts are extremely rare, we provide script analysis services to assist in developing an already existing script into a strong film.


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