Blue Pattern


A well-crafted film has the ability to touch people on a visceral level. It goes beyond just entertainment and becomes a factor that enriches the lives of the viewers significantly. This idea is the central pillar on which the existence of Mountain River Films rests and it is the filter through which we at Mountain River Films view story ideas or scripts that we could potentially nurture into full-fledged films. Needless to say, we eschew common story molds and seek material that is fresh, daring and has heart. We believe in the untapped potential of the story landscape and writers from the South Asian region and seek to imbue a sense of excellence, far-sightedness and vision to projects that we take on from this region. But at the same time, we are also open to international projects with characters and stories based in foreign countries. To any project we take on, we bring our valuable filmmaking experiences and the sizable network of film technicians, producers and artists worldwide that we have accumulated.


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