An environmental research facility, founded by a foreign company is operating in the village. Raveen, a local youth who works at the institute’s laboratory, informs his friends Suparna and Indrajith about an experiment taking place inside the laboratory. Once they get to know that the research facility is going to release a virus to the local tank and the seriousness of its consequences, three friends decide to break into the lab and steal the virus. They steal the virus from the lab the following night and Raveen is shot and killed by Lab’s security guards during the robbery. Police join Lab’s security team in search of Suparna and Indrajith. Indrajith seeks sanctuary at his home under his father and Suparna is met with a stranger who explains her about her origin. He reveals that her father who went missing when she was a child, is actually an alien from the Planet Bhima and he is waiting for her to join him at Planet Bhima. Indecisive with the desire to search for her true identity, heritage and reluctance to leave her beloved earth in danger of dying, Suparna is met with the challenge to make an ultimate sacrifice.


Sri Lanka


Sujeewa Priyal Yaddehige


Dharshan Dharmaraj
Sanjeewa Upemdra
Ashan Dias
Dulika Marapana


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