Lalka Paag


Enscripted by Rajkamal Chaudhary, Lalka Paag is the story of Tiru, a village girl and
Radhakant, a modern day man with high educational qualification, perusing an MBBS degree.
He gets forcefully married to Tiru instead of college love-Kamakhya. Tiru is a reflection as well
as a representation of the ideal Maithili women, an epitome of sacrifice. She is well-aware of all
the rituals and societal prescribed duties of her life. Tiru was aware that Radhakant would
never full-heartedly accept her as his wife. The suppressing silence of Tiru soon became her
enemy, this perennial silence made her spouse and in-laws even stronger and neglecting towards
her emotions. So much that Radhakant started contemplating on getting married with
Kamakhya. Radhakant confesses his intention to marry Kamakhya in front of Tiru. She
declares she has no objection. Now, Tiru becomes like puzzle to Radhakant, an unsolved and
inviting puzzle. During marriage ceremony, the priest requests Radhakant to put up red turban
on his head, as this has been the costume of Maithili marriage for centuries. Tiru gives him
Lalka Paag, the same which was used in her marriage with Radhakant. Beholding this sacrifice
of Tiru, Radhakant bursts into tears. Radhakant is mesmerized with beauty of Tiru… pure and
untouched by modernization. Radhakant now is in Dilemma, one side there is Tiru in all her
innocence and purity and on the other is Kamakhya, the love of his life.