Dying Candle


Kshemi is living with her sick mother and younger brother Tikpe in upper Himalayas of Nepal.
She is more like a son rather than a daughter of the family. She didn't marry, as she had to look
after her three younger sisters, one brother and mother. After her father's death she couldn't
marry and leave her family, as she was scared that they might starve to death if she leaves them.
She cares about her brother more than herself, so she buys him a pair of slipper instead of hair
clip for herself. But the slipper breaks. She tries fixing it. Failing to fix, she promises to buy new
one. Tikpe exchanges the broken slipper with hair band for his sister without realizing she longed
for the same very hair band. Both sacrifice their needs for the other, until Kshemi's sisterhood is
tested in middle of the night. Brother's bare leg gets seriously hurt while treating his sick mother
through an orthodox witch crafting. He has to be treated soon or his leg might get amputated and
he may die too. Kshemi is left with no option but sell her dignity to save him. Things start to get
charged up as the stake rises when her mother's sickness intensifies. She has no option but elope
with an arrogant and crooked rich drunkard Janak Lal, though she loved Mukunda, an honest
villager. Janak Lal takes full advantage of her weakness, promising to treat her brother in city if
she elopes with him. He wins her physically yet loses her spiritually, while Mukunda fights for
her best, and wins her despite losing. To Kshemi, it was always about her brother than herself, so
she chooses to do the best for her brother's safety.