Year: 2012

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Subtitle In: English

Director: Bedabrata Pain

Genre: Drama/Thriller


Festivals and Awards:

  • 60th India National Award (the highest movie award in India)
  • Audience choice award at sedona International films festival, Sedona, USA.
  • Critics Award (Piaggio Foundation Award) and the audience choice at the best film festival in magical city Florence.
  • Best film award and the best screenplay award at jaipur International Film Festival,Jaipur, India.



In a little known event of the 1930s British occupied South Asia, a handful of untrained teenage boys
and girls, led by a school teacher, handed the British their first military defeat and liberated a town from
the colonial yoke for the first time in the 20th century. Set against this backdrop, Chittagong is the story
of the youngest and the most unlikely participant – Jhunku Roy. A studious, diffident and frail 14 old
teenager Jhunku wouldn't even come out to play football, let alone pick up a gun. CHITTAGONG tells the
incredible story of how this boy becomes a revolutionary, and having joined the rebels, battles nagging
self-doubts and reluctance on one hand, and a formidable enemy on the other, to achieve an impossible
Chittagong is an uplifting action-drama, made more compelling by the fact that it is true.


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