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    We channel our expertise and passion for filmmaking into creating high quality TVCs and captivating for National & International clients.

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  • Production:

    Breaking the conventional filmmaking mold,

    we pride ourselves in facing the challenges of

    making well-crafted cinema.

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    One of the leading companies of the region we provide our international clients with professional and efficient production experience.

Our Services

We explain your ideas to the world in a simple and effective way through our videos.

Script Development

It is a sad fact that, by and large, the approach that South Asian filmmakers take to screenplays leaves a lot to be desired. With the firm belief that a great script is the heart and soul of a great film, we at Mountain River Films have assembled a strong team that aspires to nurture story ideas and to develop scripts that have the potential to become world class films.


Being in the field of promoting and marketing regional films made in non-English languages to a largely English speaking audience, we are acutely aware of the importance of good subtitles. Hence Mountain River Films has devoted considerable time and energy to developing its subtitling services into a core expertise.

Festival & Marketing Promotions

With a decade in the field of film promotion and marketing in the international arena, Mountain River Films is arguably the regional leader in this highly specialised category. Our long term presence in the festival circuits and the associated film markets has resulted in a vast network of producers, directors, talents and festival coordinators.

Equipment & Crew

Finding state of the art equipment and highly skilled and professional crew in this region has always presented a challenge to filmmakers. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a considerable network of immensely experienced and professional crew, both regionally and internationally, to take care of the technical needs of any filmmaker.

Our Happy Clients

We are proud to be working closely with a number of companies,successfully growing their business

  • Channel 4 TV
  • Next Frame
  • Multivision Plus
  • Srilankan Airlines
  • Gong
  • World Link